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Rezum is a minimally invasive treatment option for men experiencing bothersome symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). This innovative procedure uses convective water vapor energy to target and shrink excess prostate tissue, relieving urinary symptoms such as frequency, urgency, weak urine flow, and nighttime urination (nocturia).

Key points about Rezum include:

  1. Effectiveness: Clinical studies have shown that Rezum provides significant improvement in BPH symptoms, preserves sexual function, and has low rates of surgical retreatment over several years.
  2. Safety: Rezum has a favourable safety profile, with mild-to-moderate adverse side effects that resolve quickly, making it a well-tolerated treatment option and can even be provided under local anaesthetic or sedation.
  3. Considerations: While Rezum offers promising results, further research is needed to confirm its long-term efficacy and safety compared to other treatments for BPH.

If you are considering treatment for your BPH symptoms, discussing Rezum with Mr Raison can help you explore this minimally invasive option and determine if it is a suitable choice for improving your quality of life.

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Mr Nicholas Raison

Consultant Urological Surgeon & Associate Professor

Harley Street, London