Mr Nicholas Raison


Mr Raison has an extensive and active research portfolio. He is a permanent Clinical Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at King’s College London in the department of Surgical and Interventional Engineering.

Mr Raison’s research interests centre on the use of machine learning (AI) to assess surgical performance and improve perioperative outcomes. His clinical research focusses on improving outcomes for patients with benign (non-cancerous) bladder problems and is currently undertaking the first twins’ study of overactive bladder syndrome to explore the genetic links in this common disease.

Mr Raison has published extensively with over 85 publications in international scientific journals, numerous book chapters as well as editing journal special editions and textbooks. He holds a number of prominent positions in the European Association of Urology and takes an active role in leading research and educational projects across Europe. As part of this role Mr Raison is frequently invited to lecture at national and international conferences as well as present his research findings.

Mr Nicholas Raison

Publications and Presentations


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